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Welcome to The Den of Foam!  Here you will find reviews, modifications, homemades, and more for everyone from the newest Nerfer to the die-hard foam Rambo.  Everything is in a simple, easy to understand format (I hope) so that all information is complete, clear, and concise for your benefit.  Enjoy!
- Falcon

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11-12-2006:  Holy Website Update Batman!  Yep, you read it right.  I put up a new article today.  Not a massive update, but an update nevertheless.  It's an older article, but it hadn't been posted here yet, so I thought "What the heck" and put it up.  Also, you will soon find all of my articles transferred over to the Black Knights Clanpage, which is a completely separate standalone website now.  Enjoy!

4-4-2006:  So I decided to begin some other new alterations, etc. to the site.  With such a massive armageddon coming up this summer, (not to mention the next YANO being in 18 days) plus Spring CAFF being in May...I figured it was about time to get some new profile picture up.  Higher quality, more recent, etc.  There are only three new ones up thus far, but when I decide that I'm not so lazy I'll continue my quest of completion.
I also put up our new logo.  It looks like it goes better with itself now...before, the white gothic B and the not so black-and-white chess knight sorta clashed, I think.  So I made a new knight logo to go with the text and B.  If you haven't noticed it yet, look to the right.
Enjoy!  I'll finish putting up the new profile pics soon enough...

9-9-2005:  The Black Knights Clanpage is back in action!  You can get there via the nav bar at the top of this page, or you can just click on our logo on the right.  Today, I put up pics (yes, REAL pics) of all of our members except two (coming soon).  For those of you who were at CAFF, some of those people, the clothes they are wearing, and possibly the GUNS some are carrying should be VERY familiar...

8-28-05: Today, I added a review of the Firefly.  Soon, I'll put up a mod with pics, but first I need to update my mods page and get pics up for the rest of the mods that still don't have pics yet.

8-27-05: Today, I added a new article that has been sitting on my PC for quite some time.  I figured I might as well put it up.  I've got a few more that I'll slowly feed into the public eye here within the next few days, so keep comin' back!

8-10-05: I spent a huge load of time today overhauling the site.  I cut out everything that was not needed, and re-did all of the reviews.  Everything should be just a little bit more clear, so it is that much easier to understand.  I also changed the site's look one last time.  I intend to pretty much retire from keeping up the site.  I may put up some occasional pics of new guns and such, but I will not be making The Den of Foam into a *.net or anything of the sort.  This whole thing has been great fun, but it's too much to do along with being a Moderator on the Nerf HQ forums, having  school to go to, and being able to afford (not to mention keep) a girlfriend.  It just takes too much time.  So thank you all who enjoyed it, thanks for hopping along for the ride, thanks for your input, and thanks for Nerfing!  Don't think I'm retiring from nerfing, by the way.  That'll never happen.  I'll still be active on the forums, but this, being the excellent 3rd party Nerf site that it is, is as good as it's gonna get.  I'll see you all around!
Nerf on!
~ Falcon

2-8-05:  CAFF is coming up this April!  I updated the news page, with a tentative date and such other information as a map of how to get there, what to bring (sack lunch, water, darts, eye protection, etc.) and all sorts of other fun stuff!  If you nerf and live in Southern California (especially Los Angeles county) I encourage you to try to come.  Looking at the write up from the January war in the war log on the Black Knights homepage, you can see a picture of the abandoned paintball park that we nerf in.  It is an awesome place, so we encourage you to come.  It is going to be awesome, so you don't want to miss this one!  PM me on the nerf HQ forums or tell me in my guestbook if you can come, or if you have any questions.  If you can make it, be sure to tell me how many people in your clan can make it.  BE THERE!!!

2-7-05:  I added the Secret Shot 2 pictures to the mod write-up today!  Alongside that, I put up new profile pictures of almost everyone in the Clan, including the all-new one for our newest clan member, Snake.  Some of the changes to others included adding Mavericks to a few who now use them, and other arsenal changes.  There's a lot more coming soon, and as soon as I catch up with mod pictures, I'll get to work on the other new stuff.  There's gonna be a lot of new content in homemades, and there's two more mods on their way as well.  Check by often!

2-6-05:  I added pictures to the Splitfire Mod today!  Yay!  I also (this has been needed for a long while) added more information to the Black Knight's profiles today.  This included weapon combination updates, role updates, specialty updates, an added quote, and finally, the adding of our newest clan member.  He was the "guest" nerfer at the December/Winter break war here, and joined us as of the recent January war.  His name is Snake, and we're glad to have him.  I'll have his profile picture finished and up within the week.  Also, I should have some other profile pictures updates done soon (as there were weapon combination updates.)  Lastly, on the Black Knights homepage, I further divided the clan into now three squads of even threes, to accomodate for our ninth, as well as to systematically cause us to operate within smaller groups separately.  So, that's about it for today.  And yes, I did this instead of watching the superbowl.  The sacrifices I make for you people...

1-31-05:  Well, I'm finally beginning to get around to that massive string of updates I've been talking about...  Next on my list are updating modifications with pictures (I'm six mods behind schedule...)  However, today, I started out with the war log.  I put up a write-up with some pictures of that last war, January 17th, 2005.  It's pretty cool; got some great H2H photos!  Go check it out (follow the "Black Knights Homepage" link in the nav bar, and click on "War Log", then "January 17, 2005".  Enjoy!  More updates coming in the next few days, so check back soon!

1-1-04:  I forgot to announce about a month ago, that the Den of Foam was celebrating its second year anniversary!!!  Anyway...
I added the Maverick modification!  Even though pretty much nobody but me on the continent has one yet...  Oh well.  I've got five new mods to put pictures up for now...  *Sigh*  Okay, well, I'd better get to work.
Oh, and one last thing.  I am completely finished.  Everyone's black knight profile picture is finally complete.  They all have their correct primaries, clothing, integrations, etc.  Go check them out, and see if you can spot the changes!
Have fun!

12-26-04:  I hope everybody had a good christmas, and got lots of foam!  I put up four new modifications today!  I typed up the write-ups this morning, nad now I'm just copying and pasting onto the site here.  I've taken the pictures for all of them already, I just need to get the pics up.  Expect them in the next day or two.  I would have posted pics and write-ups all at once, but I wanted to at least get my write-ups going, so here they are.  The write-ups, in case you were wondering, are the second of my two Crossbow modofications I plan to put up, a mod for brassing a nite finder (including a way to silence that cursed ringing spring, and new ammo holders), a mod for dual-brassing a Slitfire, and a mod for Single-barreling (with breech) a Secret Shot 2!  Man, I gotta take a break...  My fingers are killing me after those four.  I typed them all up in about an hour, and that included looking at my pics (and finding them) to see the order in which I did things...  I'm okay...  Enjoy!  NEED CAFF PARTICIPATION!  My new Nerf-only email will be up soon, so you can contact me for and/or with information there in about another week or so.  Thanks, people!

12-24-04:  Merry Christmas (though I am a day early...) everyone!  I finally got around to displaying the Black Knights' profiles in two Squads (1 and 2, duh...) on the Black Knights Homepage.  We've been working in those two groups for quite awhile, I just never got around to displaying us in that format.  We are by no means divided; we just have Black Knights Wars using this split as pre-set teams (most of the time) and typically will go separately in multi-clan wars in these two groups.  It's easier to make a plan with four people to discuss it and its easier to manage keeping track of four team members rather than eight.  We do work together with the whole team just as well as with our Squads, but having the pre-set sections of the team makes us far more manageable (at Black Knights-specific wars as well as multi-clan ones.)  Enjoy!  And please, do tell me if you're interested about CAFF.

12-20-04:  I added the article review for the Winter Break War!  It was a very successful day, though some people had to go home early.  You can read a full write-up of the day in the war log.  STILL LOOKING FOR PARTICIPATION FOR CAFF: 2005!!!!!  If you or your clan or just a couple of friends are interested, PLEASE, CONTACT ME!!!  I need some support or it will not happen.  For those who are concerned geographically, as to whether or not this war is close enough to you, the city it will be in is Glendora, CA, and we're about a 15 minute drive from the City of Pasadena, for reference.  Please contact me!  Don't decide not to come because we're not the big guys from Nerf HQ and Nerf Haven.  Believe it or not, we're not crappy players, we know what we're doing, and we've got a great location worth coming to.  We can't have CAFF without you guys!  Thanks, all!

12-7-04:  I updated the news page today.  I added final information for the Black Knight's upcoming Winter Break war.  Also, I added information for the planning-in-process CAFF: CAlifornia Foam Fest.  It (we hope) will become the SENO and/or Armageddon of Southern California Nerfers, particularly Los Angeses county, though not excluding San Bernadino, Orange, and San Diego counties in any way.  Go take a look, and contact me if you're interested!

11-26-04:  Big update today.  I finally added the last Black Knight's profile picture today; Speeds, sporting his pulsator, Triple Strike, and a Nite Finder.  Fun stuff.  However, the really big part of the update:  I have pictures up for the first Crossbow modification.  It's the standard one, using the yellow tubing and the stock barrel.  I'll have a separate write-up with pictures in a couple of days for a PVC variation, followed eventually with a nsted brass version!  Enjoy!  Keep submitting people!  I'm getting great comments (just read the last five or so guestbook posts) but I can't keep it all great without you people!  So far, all the custom blasters other than mine are people who posted them on Nerf HQ's forums, and I proceeded to request theur permission to use them.  I haven't gotten one single trult submitted custom blaster yet.  I know you have amazing creations out there.  Let's show the world how uber we and our Nerfsmithing skills really are...  Thanks, guys!

11-24-04:  I added the second to last Black Knight's profile picture today.  This one is of Sputnik, in all his "n00b-ish" glory.  He won't remain "noob-ish" for long (if I don't say that, he'll kill me...)  So that's up, and I added another article to the Articles page.  This one is a walkthrough-guide to selecting a sidearm that does everything you need it to to do match your style (because that's what it's all about, right?)  Enjoy!  And sign the guestbook while you're at it, please.  Let me know you were here.

11-17-04:  I added a new page to the Navigation bar.  It is titled Articles, and it is for the purpose of publishing articles of common Nerf topics.  It currently has one, and will soon have more.  I plan to have one up every one to two weeks, so check often for updates!  Enjoy!

11-16-04:  I added another Black Knight's profile Picture to the Black Knight's Homepage!  This one is Nightwing's.  Man, that took forever to draw in his Titan and Hornet attached to each other...  Anyway, go check it out!  He's got his trademark Yellow Oakley's on, and has his (other) trademark Multiple Titan missiles randomly all over his Titan (one stuck onto the pump handle, pointing down, for instance.)  You can see him in his full garb (same outfit and arsenal) in the group photo on the FCM War Log page, as well.  I'm starting work on Chronic's profile picture next, followed by Speed and then Sputnik.  I should have the next one up by, say, the end of this week (which is, by the way, November 19th.  My birthday, which was my excuse for having a Nerf war in the middle of the school year.  My birthday causes the annual FCW.)  What a reason...

11-14-04:  I did some extensive updates on the Black Knights profiles, as well as adding in our newest member, Sputnik, who joined as of FCW 2004.  I also put up another member picture.  This one is of Pyro.  I also put up two group pictures of the five of us who came to FCW 2004 at the top and bottom of the FCW 2004 War Log page.  Underneath FCW 2004 in the War Log on the Black Knights Homepage, I have the next two wars that are being planned.  The second one, the Greater Area So-Cal Nerf-Out is for all nerfers in the Southern California area.  It will be sometime in January, we hope.  I'll keep you posted on details so that you can plan ahead.  PM me on Nerf HQ's forums or post in my guestbook with any questions about the war.  Happy Nerfing!

11-12-04:  Well, FCW went off with a bang.  It was wonderful!  Only one problem.  Only five of the eight people who were supposed to come actually came.  But that's okay.  It was still awesome. Those present included myself, Nightwing, Apollo, Chronic, and our newest member, Sputnik.  We all had a great time. More on this year's FCW on the news page.

11-6-04:  I put up a new modification today!  It is for the Manta Ray.  Right now, it replaces all four barrels with Crayolas, plus a couple other things, but pretty soon I'll have one up with brass barrels (when I can find the money to get more brass...)  Enjoy!

11-5-04:  I posted a pic of a new non-nerf blaster today that Apollo found on the Internet a few days ago.  If anyone has gotten one of theses "Shure Shot Hover Blasters" please give me some info in either a PM on Nerf HQ's forums, or in my guestbook here. It looks prettly promising, what with the eight barrels and plunger, and all that.  So, if you hear anything, tell me, please!  Thanks people!

11-3-04:  I added cluster bombs to my homemades section.  FINALLY.  WEll, they look pretty good.  If you have any input about it at all, there's a link to a forum on Nerf HQ in the review on my Homemades page that you can post in, comment about it, etc.  I also added a link on the Black Knights homepage to a page with some random Black Knights pics, along with a soon to be up and running section of war pics.  Enjoy!
Also, today marks exactly one month until the Den of Foam has its two-year anniversary!!!  Two years old and never been better!

11-2-04:  I updated the black Knights Homepage, by adding the pictures that I have been owrking on.  To give credit where it is due, the Microsoft Paint Images that I designed and made which are on the Black Knights Profiles as their "photos" were designed off of a template for sprites by Nerf HQ's very own Tricksleeves.  Also, speaking of giving credit where credit is due, I've been bugged about this recently, so I added another page to the site.  It's at the bottom of the navigation bar on the left, titled "Credits".  Here I will list everything that is not of my own design (such as submissions that aren't customs, because they have names attached already, and modifications, because the cradit for those is given at the bottom of the page with the particular mod on it.)  So if you help me out with a review, submit a tactic, etc, your name will appear there with what you did!  Comprend-o?  Bueno. Gut.  Good.  Whatever...  Submit Custom Blasters, people!  PM me on Nerf HQ, post them in my guestbook, anyehing!  Just please, allow me to display your works of art.

11-1-04:  Attention all Black Knights!  Go to the news page and there you will find all of the information that you need give or take a few monor details) on this year's FCW.  Go there, and make sure that you can go!
Anyway...I put up some more custom blasters, and fixed a few faulty reviews (the information was provided by unknown, and obviously stupid, it's not my

10-30-04:  I updated the Black Knights profiles a bunch today, and will have pics up there soon.  Began a massive news update; stay tuned.  Also, I made sure that credit was given to whom it was owed in the mods section (forgot about that earlier.)  Thanks go out to THIRST of the DCN for pointing this out to me.  I also added two more custom blasters.  Today, I noticed, there have been 1260 hits to the Den of Foam!  Keep coming, people!  And considering how many of you there are, some more guestbook signing and submissions would be!  Keep nerfing!

10-24-04:  I finished adding the pictures for the Airtech 2000 Quad-Barrel Mod (finally) and I added the pics of my Dagger with its over-the-shoulder sheath under homemades.  Winston (my Quadded AT 2000--Single-barreled AT 2000 (1/2" PVC/Crayola) integration is also now on the customs page.  Submissions would be greatly appreciated.

10-12-04:  I finished updating the Small Arms and Medium Arms pages for grammar and improvements, etc.  I also added (finally) my version of the Airtech 2000 quad-barrel mod.  Pictures will be up in acouple more days, so bear with me.  I need to get more AAA batteries so that I can take the pics, because "Mr. Digi", my "Eye-Q Mini" digital camera has run out of them.  *Sigh*...The sacrifices I make for you

9-27-04: I added an all-new tactic with full diagrams to the outdoor tactics page.  It's for playground warfare, around playground equipment.  It's for taking out people holed up in a tower at the top of the equipment.  For any serious or casual nerfers who have nerfed in a park with a playground, you all know how annoying this is!  It's almost impossible to take them out, too!  Well, here's a very straightforward and in-depth way to deal with them that consistently works.

9-23-04: I expanded the homemades page (I finally added the promised sprinkler scopes homemades description with pics that is mentioned numerousntimes throughout the reviews.)  I also did a little more grammar/spelling fixing in the reviews (a little at a time, folks..)  I will soon finsih my latest creation (an airsoft gun shell/airtech 2000/airtech 3000 integration) and it will be on this site under customs in all its glory very soon, and will have a link to the thread in Nerf HQ's forums which I will psot it in.  More improvements coming soon ( my next big project is expanding the tactics pages with more diagrams of prefabricated tactical strategies.)  Check the site out for those and mroe coming soon!  And submit your material, people!

9-20-04: Massive addition to the modifications page today!  I added an entire mod for the Rapid Fire 20, and it already has all of its pictures!  It has  TON of pictures!  Kudos to the nerf geniuses at Nerf HQ; they came up with the mod concept.  I just have my own variation here, along with an extra that they don't have (they have nothing about removing the air restrictors in the barrel asseembly, a necessity, in my opinion.)  But thanks, people at Nerf HQ!  You guys are great!  I plan to greatly increase the detail and in-depth-ness of the Black Knight's Profiles next (in the next few days) and then I plan to go tactic crazy and add at elast three or so more dfull-color diagrammed tactics to each of the indoor and outdoor tactics pages.  Please keep signing the guestbook, and PLEASE SUBMIT some stuff in my guestbook!  YOur Nerf Site's URL!  A mod!  A favorite tactic you'd like displayed!  A customized blaster!  ANYTHING!  Thanks, people!

9-17-04: I removed the stupid broken cursor code that used to make a cool blue electric cursor replace whatever you have as your own as long as you are on the site.  The code broke or something, and it was causing there to be an "error" every time the page loaded.  The whole site was fine, but it displayed "error", and it annoyed me.  So that's gone now.  Oh, and I up dated some more reviews, removed osme more spelling/grammar errors (a task which will probably never be done...)  I also have added an Airtech 400 and Monoshot modification, and the Monoshot one has all of its pics.  The Airtech 4000's pics will come in a matter of about 1.5 weeks, roughly.  I need to meet with Apollo256 to open his uuber Airtech 4000 that we modded so that I can take pics so that you all can see how we did it.  Isn't that wonderfully nice of me?  Yeah, yeah.  I didn't think so either.  Anyway, enjoy!  And please, people, submit some stuff!!!  Ecspecially for the customs page, would be nice.  It's not that hard.  Just opost your pic's url in my guestbook; its about five inches above what you're reading...come it...

9-14-04: I added actual web site banners to replace the text links on the links page!  I also completed a couple more mods and their pics.  I added pics for each person's profile on The Black Knight's homepage, as well.  If you click on the pics, you will see a full-size version on a new page (higher-quality...)  I also added a page with links to some of the top Nerf Forums.  I do not have many (three, as of now...) but Nerf HQ and Nerf Haven are on there, as well as Ultima Nerf.  The Links take you directly to the forums, NOT to the homepage.  I plan to put a lot more on soon.  If you have a site with Nerf Forums, type the site's url into my guestbook and I'd be glad to post it on my forums page, as well as my links page.  Any other submissions/guestbook signing would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks, guys!

9-7-04: Luckily, I haven't had much homework yet (or, at least, I haven't done much homework  This has allowed me to make yet another massive improvement.  I have made nearly all the text spread out across the whole page (not seen on the homepage) so it takes less room and doesn't looks so gay.  I also have added that Custom/Personalized Blasters Page I promised (go check it out!)  You can make submissions in my guestbook.  I also have organized that homemades and mods pages tremendously, and have added pics to all of the homemades save Stefan/Homemade darts (coming soon!)  The whole site is insanely larger, and is becoming even more so by the day.  Enjoy all the new info!  Any guestbook signing, submissions, etc. would be greatly appreciated!  Good luck in school, people!  And happy fall 2004 Nerfing!

9-2-04: It's the first day of school, but my lack of homework has allowed me to make another fairly major update.  The entire mod description for the Airtech 2000 (both variations) has pictures now!  Click on the underlined text throughout the mod description to see pics to help you see visually what to do!  I hope it helps!  Later, people!

9-1-04: I added a new part to my Indoor and Outdoor Tactics pages!  Now, there is still that list of general purpose "suggestions" or "guidelines" for indor/outdoor warfare, but now, I am steadily adding scenario-specific tactics, with diagrams for each step to both indoor and outdoor tactics.  I have, so far, added Clearing a Room to indoor (this particular one is an extremely successful, tried and true, Black Knights strategy) and Assaulting a Bunker to outdoor (also a successful, tried and true Black Knights strategy.)  Alas, my insane daily updates and such are going to slow down drmatically over the next few weeks.  School starts TOMORROW.  Yup.  Kinda sad, though, isn't it?  How they give us all this summer vacation, then put us back in school for two whole days, and then we not only have a weekend, but the next monday is off because of Labor day!  Some poeple are just stupid...Well, I hope you enjoy the tactics updates.  I also added reviews for the N-Strike Line (seen previewed on the news page).  So, I'll se you guys in awhile!  And please, for crying out loud, sign the stinkin guestbook!

8-31-04: The Den of Foam has officially had its 100th visitor!  It took over two years, but we have officially had over 100 visitors!  "Thank you, thank you!  I'm here 'till...oh, wait.  Never mind..."  Well, there's a bunch of fun new stuff happening here at D.O.F!  Check (the "Toys R Us" amazon page) for the newest nerf guns!  Nerf N-strike is officially out!  Check out my news page for the preview pics, but go the the "Toys R Us" site for the sale price, details, etc.  They look like some modding could cause some serious foam carnage, so go check them out!  If you have, and have already found a great mod, submit it in my guestbook.  Until next time!  And sign that guestbook!

8-28-04: I added a poll to the home page (seen to the right of this..) and a new way to promote the site!  You can now click in the square to the right and above that says "Pass it on!" and share the site with friends.  PLEASE sign my guestbook!  My counter tells me that you've been here, but I would really like some feedback!!!  I want to really know that you were here for nerf, and weren't drunk and just happened on the site...

8-26-04: Added a Nite Finder Mod to the mods page.  It has a few pics, but all of the mods will have a lot more pics once my film is developed (my digital camera is still malfunctioning...*$!#%@*.)  I will also be putting up a new page in the next few days.  It will be completely dedicated to the custom weapons that Nerfers like myself and you will have their massive displays of talent and/or Nerf death-dealing put on display.  Yep; that's right.  I will be making a page solely for the pupose of showing off YOUR OWN modifided creations of nerf guns that are so customized, they can be called nothing but your own.  I will devise a system for submitting custom/personalized nerf blasters and it will be shown when the page is published.  Keep coming back for more of some of the best nerf on the net!  AND SIGN THAT STINKIN' GUESTBOOK, PEOPLE!!!

8-23-04: I added a Sharpshooter II and Lock 'n Load mod to the mods page, and corrected some more grammar in the reviews section.  School starts on 9-2-04 for me, so I won't be updating nearly as often as I have been recently.  Sorry, but I hops all of my recent massive improvements will hold you over once my every-other-day or so updates become every-other-week/ month (I hope it's not month...) Until next time (in a couple of days...)  C'ya!

8-20-04: I  put up a new guestbook!  It's better than the last one!  Please sign it if you visit!  On that happy note, I put up the second of those two Airtech 2000 mods.  I also put up crayola barrels in the homemades section.  I almost have my digital camera fixed, so pretty soon a big load of pictures for all of this stuff will be here.  Until later, when I fix my camera, enjoy!

8-19-04: Added the first of two Airtech 2000 mods, which includes a small dart mod for store-bought micros being used in 1/2" PVC barrels.  The two AT 2000 mods are both tried and tested by myself (just last week, as a matter of fact) and are my two newest, favorite guns (until I get an AT 3000 and soup it up, big-time...or a crossbow.)  The double-barrel modded AT 2000's name is Carl.  Carl is the mod that is already up.  The second mod, which is a single-barreled mod with a 1/2" PVC barrel over a crayola barrel, will be up shortly.  The AT 2000 modded in this second fashion's name is Richard.  Why Richard, you ask?  Well, its not every day that you get to tell someone that they got killed by "Dick"...

8-14-04: Added Homemade/Stefan Darts and Knife/Dagger to the homemades section, added another mod, some links, finished the non-nerf reviews, and updated my news page!  CHECK OUT THE NEWS PAGE!  This new upcoming stuff looks really interesting.  Especially that bazooka...  And that semi-auto-looking blaster could really be a big help next time Speed charges at me with his freakin' pulsator...

8-12-04: Hooray!  The mods section has pictures!  The homemades section has its first entry (blowguns: go check it out!)  I also re-vamped the spelling and grammar in over 35 reviews.  Oh, and if you haven't noticed, I re-did the sites overall appearance.  It's blue.  Blue and silver.  Don't like it?  Not my problem.  I happen to think it makes the site look a bit more, ah, classy!  That may not be the word that i'm looking for, but it'll do.  Anyway, go check out all the new stuff!  Oh, and don't forget to sign that guestbook!  (I think it's getting lonely...)

7-18-03:  Added a link on the Nerf Links page, updated some Black Knights profiles, updated some of my old blaster pictures and got that cool electric cursor on all of the site's pages.  Typed up the reviews for a couple more blasters, too (don't worry, I'll finish them all eventually...)

5-8-03:  Got a guestbook up!  Now you can contact me at my Nerf-only e-mail address or just sign my guest book.  Added a counter and that cool electric cursor.

3-17-03:  I added lots more info on the Black Knights Homepage, Placed my new nerf-only e-mail address on the site, and completed a couple of more reviews.  Homemades and mods sections will be up and running very soon!  I can't get up a guest book, so please, take the time to e-mail me and just tell me you were here.  Thanks!

12-16-02: well, so much for the airtech line.  The mulit-shot weapons absolutelty stink: they shoot out of the bottommost barrel in the circle, and the biggst one that I expected to surpas the Extreme 2500 (yellow edition of course)shoots about ten feet, and it sucks even if you crayola barrel all twelve of them.  The whole line.  It's all terrible.  Don't waste your time and money on the airtech line.  Stick to Supermaxx, & Max Force, etc.  They're way better. 

12-3-2002: Initial publication of The Den of FoamFinished setting up the basics for the site.  Nerf's newest line of guns has just come out!  It's called Nerf "Airtech" (tm.)  The guns all have a  pump on the front of them for air pressure, and it's in the same basic spot as air pumps are on super soakers, on the bottom front.  All of them are multi-shot weapons, with at least four shots or more, even the ballgun, which looks very similar to the Nerf ballgun that is all green.  The blasters are all categorized by number; however, there is one that looks far different from the rest in the line, (it looks like a jet plane.  Another crappy attempt at a built in shield, that's smaller than the mantaray's.)  They all look very promising, (except for the Jet plane one) and I have one of them already.  One of them even has twelve barrels!  The one with twelve barrels may end up being the one to replace the Supermaxx Extreme 2500 as the best all-around nerf gun there is.  We'll find out soon enough, won't we?  More on this in the reviews section.