The Den of Foam
Nerf and Non-Nerf Ammunition

Welcome to my Ammunition page!  Here you will find info on several different types of Nerf and Non-Nerf Ammunition for Nerf and Nerf-like blasters.
- Falcon

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Mega Darts


Larger in diameter and length, these are used primarily in older guns and on the east coast.

Micro Darts


Smaller than the mega, micros are the standard that comes with most every newer gun on the market today, and are the most widely used darts by nerfers.

Larami Darts


They are the same size in diameter as a mega dart, but are a bit shorter.  Easily recognizable by their bright color scheme, they are the best stock darts ever made, and perform excellently in all mega-firing guns.  They only came with the first edition Supermaxx Guns.



They are expensive, bulky, and impractical.  When the shafts and vanes are perfectly straight, they can be incredibly accurate, but they are next to impossible to keep in such shape, and you can only carry a few on you at any one time, so it's not worth the effort to keep them in such shape.

Homemade/ Stefan Darts


Extremely inexpensive, homemade darts were originally made by a Canadian Nerfer named Stefan, hence their name.  They are comprised of hardware-store-bought foam, hot glue, and fishing weights or BBs.  They work the best in everyone's guns, because everyones stefans are tailor made to their barrel materials.  If you make your stefans well, they should fit your barrels perfectly, and should perform better than just about any stock darts.



See arrows review, cut to four inches long, add an "extremely rare" tag, with about five blasters tops that can fire them.  Nice to know they exist.  Well, at least we think they exist.. Maybe they're extinct.  Who knows?



The most versatile Ammo type.  Can be fired with air pressure, pushing force, elastic bands (help us please..),spinning wheels, heck, you can even throw the darn things.  More fun than useful.  More inaccurate than anything else.

Koosh Vortex Rings


Excellent range.  Fired by the Koosh Vortex Line, they come in two sizes.  Or, rather, they used to...  Very rare.  They're blown around in the wind a lot, so use them indoors, if ever.