The Den of Foam

Welcome to my mods page.  Here you will find tons of info on supercharging many of the foam blasters out there.  Everything should be clear and concise, and you should have no trouble following along.  Scattered links throughout the modification method descriptions will take you to various pictures of the modification process so that you can understand what I type.
- Falcon

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When opening a Nerf Gun, you must remember to be very careful that you remember where everything was when it opened.  I take no responsibility for lost or broken guns modded in the way listed on this page.  If they break or you lose parts, that is entirely your fault.  I suggest that you get a couple of sheets of the whitest paper that you can find, scotch tape them together to make a big flat sheet, and then do all work on your blaster on a large flat surfece covered by the sheet.  The sheet causes all of the tiny little parts that our luck makes us lose stand out.