The Den of Foam
Fall Civil War: 2004
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War: Fall Civil War 2004
Date: 11/12/2004
Place: South Hills "Nerfpark"

This year's FCW was awesome.  There was one small problem, which was a severe lack of attendance, but we were okay.  Only five of us showed up.  Pyro and Speed, we missed you two terribly.  There was also a friend of ours who was supposed to join us, but he couldn't make it either, and had to cancel at the last minute.  Those in attendance included myself, Nightwing, Apollo, Chronic, and our newest member, Sputnik.  We all had an excellent day, and we all had our share of moments in the spotlight.  Just to mention a few:
In the first round, we had a small team battle, deathmatch-style.  One hit kills.  Because of the odd numbers, it was myself and Nightwing versus the other three.  Nightwing has yet to do anything in the way of modifications to his Titan, but he brought the crazy thing out there anyway, and it didn't do too badly.  The two of us took on all three of them, and succeeded with no losses to ourselves, with relative ease, and a certain air of class as well.  We both scored a beautiful (and/or hilarious) kill in this round.  The first was by yours truly, on Apollo.  He was chasing me, firing off rounds from his modded hornet.  Each of them (he fired three or four in total) skipped in the ground or flew by me, getting closer every time.  I ran as fast as I could as the shots trailed me, and I curved around behind a bush that was about 4.5 feet tall or so.  When I curved around it, I spun to face Apollo, my attacker, as he curved as well, off to the side (before reaching the bush.)  While I was still in this spin, my middle finger twitched on the keyring of the secondary Airtech 2000 barrel of Winston, and the dart nailed Apollo on the arm, fired from the hip, in full swing.  It was awesome.
The other beautiful kill (this is the one that is more along the lines of hilarious) was done by my teammate, Nightwing, just momemts after I gunned down Apollo.  Chronic had fired the last of His Supermaxx 1500's ronds,and he drew his Nite Finder to bear on Nightwing, and fired.  It was miraculous that he somehow missed, but he did nonetheless.  The moment it missed, Nightwing turns, and his Titan swings up, and Chronic starts to try to run backwards, hoping to avoid the missile.  He backs up straight into a bush, and topples over backwards into it, half laying, half leaning on the bush.  Nightwing takes another step forward, and launches his Titan's missile (completely unmodded Titan, mind you) directly into Chronic's chest.  It was hilarious.
The next round that we played was with the same teams, and it was capture the flag.  Nightwing went up one side, and I went up the other.  I spotted Chronic as I made my advance, and I began to stalk him back towards my flag that he was going towards.  This one was Apollo's moment to shine.  I followed Chronic for a good thirty yards, moving from bush to bush. He finally went on the other side of a large one (he was aware of my prescence by this time) and I was on the opposite side of it from him.  We could see each other vaguely through the bush, and I remained crouched, ready to spring if he bolted.  I said nothing to him, butn only watched, for a full two minues or so as he paced back and forth.  It appeard to me that he was waving at me, but I refused to respond.  Moments later, I realized my error.  He wasn't waving a greeting at me, but rather was waving on Apollo who was slowly creeping up on my exposed backside.  He got within about twenty-five yards when suspicion arose in me.  I don't know what caused it, but it certainly wasn't the waving.  Anyway, I turned my head, and saw Apollo, no more than twenty-five yards from me, with a Quadded Supermaxx 1500 pointed at my sorry butt.  I barely avoided his shot, andreturned a shot with Winston's main barrel.  I missed, but then Chronic came charging around the other side of the bush.  He fired at me with Apollo's Lck 'n Load, and missed.  I fired off a round from Winston's secondary barrel, but missed that as well.  Apollo was about to fire at me again, so I dove to the side and took off.  Another mistake.  I ran towards the side with their flag.  Away from the one I should have been guarding.  I completely forgot Apollo, though, when Chronic came running.  He chased me for a good twenty seconds until he nailed me int he back with the Lock 'n Load.  Moments later, we hard a faint yell from Apollo, that sounded suspiciously like "Score!"  Hmmm... I wonder why.  I had yelled at Nightwing as I took off with Chronic in pursuit, but apparently he hadn't gotten to Apollo in time.  Nightwing had been advancing towards their flag, but he couldn't catch Apollo at the halfway point.  He was too far away.  But that's okay.  Kudos to Apollo and Chronic.  I barely aw that one coming.  And kudos to Sputnik as well, who kept Nightwing so busy stalking one another up on the side of the Nerfpark that he couldn't get down in time to intercept Apollo.
We played quite a few fast-paced rounds, and had loads of fun.  Chronic, having seemed to pick up somewhat of an affinity for pistols, is going to be getting two splitfires soon.  Maybe I'll supply him with a modded Secret Shot II instead of one of them...  Who knows.  We all discovered some strengths and weaknesses that we hadn't known about before, and we all learned something new.  I also discovered a glitch in the firing handles of my ubermified Manta Ray-AT 2000x2 integration, but that's fixed now.
A good time was had by all, and we'll look forward to seeing more Black Knights attend our next projected civil war, over the upcoming winter break.  Maybe that time, we'll all have a bit more of a customized arsenal, and we cwon't lose so many darts...  Or maybe we'll pack enough to last us an entire day instead.  What a concept.

Left to Right: Apollo, Chronic, Nightwing, Myself (Falcon) and Sputnik

Great war, guys!  See you Winter Break!  BE THERE!