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Airtech 2000: Quad-Barreled
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Airtech 2000: Quad-Barreled
The Airtech 2000 is, as you've probably already noticed, quite bad out of the box.  You're lucky if the darts flies out of your arm's reach if fired from a sitting position.  However, Hasbro has recently began to make blasters so that they can be modified, with amazing results to keep nerfers like you and me interested.  In no newer blaster is this more true than in the Airtech 2000, and in no new blaster are the changes between the original and the finished product so drastic.  This mod is the standard for the modern Airtech 2000, the Quad-barrel.
   - Airtech 2000
   - Screwdriver (Phillips)
   - 1/2" Copper/PVC/PETG pipe (for barrels)
   - Hacksaw
   - Hot glue gun
   - Electrical Tape
The Method:
To begin, unscrew all of the screws.  Now, pull the shell apart at the back end, and keep on pulling until the cap piece over the pump shaft on the front end cracks open,.  Don't worry about severely damaging the shell; it cracks consistently every time in the same place.  You can now pull the halves completely apart.
Pull out the pump handle, and look at the end opposite the grip.  The hole in the end releases air when the gressure gets too high.  Plug it completely with hot glue.  Now wrap a bit of electrical tape or duct tape around pump shaft to cover the hole in the side of it near the same end that has the hole you just plugged with hot glue.  You can put the pump handle back in its casing, now.
Take out the barrel assembly (the orange turret only) and put the rubber o-ring in a safe place (the o-ring that is between the turret and white valve when they are connected.)  You WILL need the o-ring later.
Take your hacksaw and saw off the barrels of the turret flush with their circular base all of the way around.  It may take a little effort to pull them off.  You should end up with a rotating disc atop another that supports it,. with four holes in the flat top disc where the barrels used to be.  There should also be a short metal rod sticking up in the middle of the four barrel-holes.  Hot glue a barrel onto each hole (cut four 3-6" lengths of whatever pipe you are using for barrels) and make sure that you center the barrel on the hole as best as you can.  Put a bead of hot glue around the base of each barrel, and up their sides in the large crack between each barrel to hold them steady to the turret base and solidly in-line.  I also wrapped electrical tape around the front end of the bundle of barrels and shot a squirt of hot glue down the central hole in the middle of the bundle of barrels to keep them all secure around the center of the turret.
Put the remade turret back in its place (don't forget that o-ring) and then replace the rest and reassemble.
You should only need 3-4 pumps (3=standard, 4=desperate, lol...)
If you don't get significant improvements, open it back up, walk yourself through the steps, check for blackage, and then reassemble.  If it still doesn't have a major improvement, contact me via my guestbook and leave an email address so that I can contact you.