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The Den of Foam
Rapid Fire 20 Mod/Explanation
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Rapid Fire 20: Overhaul and Magazine Mods
The Rapid Fire 20 is quite a good machine gun-style blaster.  However, there is always room for improvement.  This mod has four parts.  Two of them can be done by everyone, and involve actual improvement of the blaster's performance.  The third one requires that uyou have a spare barrel assembly from another Rapid Fire 20.  The mod allows you to remove the barrel assembly and insert the spare like a clip or magazine to increase the speed of the reload time, and up the R.O.F. (Rate Of Fire).  Only do the third part is you have an extra barrel assembly for your Rapid Fire 20.  The fourth part is just some touch-up work that you should do no matter which of the previous three you do.
   - Small screwdriver (phillips)
   - Pliers (NOT needle-nose)
   - Bicycle innertube (about 3-4")
   - Extra Barrel Assembly (optional)
   - Duct Tape (if using extra barrel assembly)
   - Hacksaaw blade or other small handsaw
   - Heavy Duty Rubber Bands (2)
   Part I:
To begin, unscrew the two halves of the big black part of the shell and set it and the yellow dial aside.  Now, unscrew the large grey part of the shell, and lift off the half of the shell on top (barrels pointing right.)  Lift out the barrel assembly.  Take your screwdriver and unscrew the screw in the front center of the barrel assembly.  Now unscrew the screws on the back of the barrel assembly.  Pull the barrels off of the base of the assembly, and watch as twenty air restrictors come falling out.  These people need to get a grip...  Anyway, throw them away.  All of them.  Now, put the barrel assembly back together without the restrictors, and screw it all back together, front and back.  Now your Rapid Fire 20 can shoot stefans, and doesn't have a bunch of annoying air restrictors hindering the air.  Yay...
   Part II:
Now (with the gray shell still removed) unscrew the red shell pieces that look like tubing.  Pull the air chamber (the big red casing and the black rubber tank inside) off of the white adapter.  Pull the black rubber air tank out of the red plastic casing and slide your ~3" of innertubing over the airtank.  Now, slide the airtank back in the casing, and slide the airtank's rubber end back over the adapter.  Now, screw the small piece of tubing-looking shell over this, being sure to line it all up right.  It takes the four biggest screw that you've pulled out (the fat ones.)  Make sure this is screwed down good and tight, because if it isn't, air will leak or the air tank will fly off when pressurized.  Now screw the two remaining pieces of red tubing-looking shell halves over the internal tubing and the other piece you just screwed on.  You have completed the second mod that enhances physical performance.  If you're not doing the extra Rapid Fire 20 barrel assembly thing, then skip part three.  If you ARE, read on.
Part III:
Only do this if you have the extra Rapid Fire 20 barrel assembly.
Now that you've enhanced the firing capabilities, it's time to put those capabilities to a more efficient style of use.  Take the right half of the grey shell and look at it from the front.  You will notice a rectangular mark on the shell.  Take your hacksaw blade/handsaw and cut along the sides of the rectangle, and go down until you get to the bottom of the rectangle.  Now, cut INTO the shell, lined up with those initial cuts still, and cut until you are just behind all of the structural supports that used to hold the barrel assembly.  Once the cuts are both back to there, using your fingers, bend the plastic until the piece you just cut slits for snaps off.  KEEP IT.  You will need it later.  Now take your pliers and bend off pieces of the front of the shell, here, until it looks like this.  Now, place this half that you just cut a massive slit out of where it should go on the gun.  Don't screw it in yet.  Place one of your barrel assemblies into its slot that you didn't cut out, on the other half opposite your slot.  Now pull it straight out and put the other barrel assembly in and pull it ou the same way.  If it moves smoothly enough, then you can screw the grey halves together onto the gun.  Now, take some duct tape and tape the piece that you cut out of the side of your Rapid Fire 20's shell to the place where it used to be.  Only duct tape down the side closest to the handle, and only on the outside, so that you can lift it up and lower it into its spot to help hold the barrel assembly there.  You can flip this in and out to change the barrel assemblies, without fear of them falling out thile shooting/running, etc.
Part IV:
Take your hacksaw blade and cut two identical (roughly) slits accross the top front of the grey part of the shell.  Slide your two rubber bands side-by-side into this slit, and then wrap the loose ends of the rubber bands around the back of the black sliding thingy that rotates the barrels. This will help prevent skipping barrels.  Now, hot glue the red slider of the left side of the gun that used to be connected to the yellow dial that switched between rapid fire and single fire down.  It should be stuck in the position of "down" so that you will always have it on rapid fire (because the single fire is slightly underpowered and is too slow to be effective, along with too predictable.)  Now, you are finished!  Enjoy your uber modded Rapid Fire 20!
   - This mod concept was pioneered by THIRST