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The Den of Foam

Monoshot Mod

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The Monoshot is a decent pistol.  The location of the barrel versus the location of the plunger, along with its lack of weight causes it to kick up a little when fired.  This is probably why it tends to shoot quite noticeably higher than you aim.  This mod will solve the kickback problem and the weight issue, as well as increasing its range.  It will also make the overall shape of the pistol more holsterable.



   - Monoshot

   - Screwdriver

   - Drill

   - Handsaw/Hacksaw

   - Hot Glue Gun

   - ˝” PVC Pipe (4” long barrel)

   - Rubber bands (2-3 heavy duty bands)


Unscrew the halves (as always) and remember where everything goes.  It’s really simple.  Pull out the plunger casing after you pull the two halves apart.  Pull the red barrel off of the bottom front of the plunger casing (with your bare hands; it’s not hard at all.)  Plug up (with hot glue) the hole that the barrel used to be attached to.

Now, stretch out the spring in the plunger shaft a bit.  While you have it out, cut two notches in the circular black handle to hold your rubber bands on the plunger later.

Now, drill a hole just a little smaller than a micro dart in diameter into the center of the front of the plunger casing.  Now, hot glue the 4” barrel of ˝” PVC onto this front end of the plunger casing, centered directly over the hole.

Put everything back in (you can throw away the stock barrel) with the PVC barrel coming straight out from the plunger shaft.

Now cut off the bulky plastic decoration (part of the yellow/green shell) projecting out and down from the bottom front.  It is just décor, and it gets in the way.  When it is off, it makes the whole thing smaller, and easier to holster the gun.  Now, put some rubber bands on the plunger, making sure they go into the notches you cut earlier to keep them in place and from sliding off.

Test it.  It should fire farther (a little), with less kick (a lot less), and better accuracy (much better).  It should also should be very easy to make a holster that will fit it well.  And, I hope dearly, that it has a barrel that is straighter than the one in the pic.  And don't worry; I fixed mine.


   - Original modification was pioneered by Zero Talent