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The Den of Foam

Airtech 4000 Mod

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Airtech 4000


The Airtech 4000 is pretty bad. It’s far too bulky for its lack of power.  HOWEVER, with this mod, you can increase the power tremendously, and (if you want to) decrease its overall size.  This is definitely a mod worth doing.



   - Airtech 4000

   - 12 Crayola Barrels

- 12 4” long ” PVC Barrels

- Hot Glue Gun

- Small Handsaw

- File/Dremel

- Small Screwdriver (Phillips)


To begin, take your screwdriver and unscrew the pump handle.  Now, once the pump handle is removed, you can unscrew the two halves of the shell and pull them apart.  Look at the interior configuration, and MAKE SURE that you understand every component of the barrel’s automatic rotation system.  Id you don’t you may not be able to put it back together correctly, and will have to rotate the barrels by hand. And we don’t want to do that, now do we?

Anyway, pull the pump shaft out of the pump casing. Look at the end farthest from where the pump handle attaches.  There is a small hole on the plunger here.  It releases air if the pressure gets “too high” in the chamber.  Carefully, plug this with hot glue.  Don’t make a huge mound of hot glue on the end; keep it as flat as possible.

Stick the pump shaft back into the pump casing for now (pull the valve release rod to release any pressure built when you put the shaft in).  Now, pull out the orange barrel assembly.  Detach the valve and rotator systems from the barrels so that all you have is the circular plastic disc with twelve barrels on it.

Take your handsaw and cut off all of the barrels at their bases.  Cut as close to being flush with the base of the barrel assembly as possible.  Take your hand file or Dremel and smooth out any irregularities on the base that you just cut the barrels off of.  Now, clean any excess plastic sticking out over the holes where the barrels were.  Take your Crayola barrels and hot glue the thinner end of each of them directly centered over each of the barrel holes.  Once they are attached and the glue has cooled, put a fairly thick bead of hot glue around the base of each barrel to secure them.  Look through the barrel holes in the base of the barrel assembly and clean out any hot glue hanging over the edges of the holes.  Now, securely hot glue a ” PVC barrel (4” long) over each of the Crayola barrels.  Try as hard as you can to get them on straight.  Now reattach the valve and rotator assembly to the barrel assembly.  Put it all back in, and turn the pump shaft so that the hold lines up with the slit in the shell where the pump handle will attach.  Make sure that you have the barrel rotation assembly correctly set up.

Crew the halves back together, and screw the pump handle on over it, making sure that it goes through the hole on the pump shaft.

Test it.  DO NOT pump it more than FOUR TIMES.  Three times is plenty, four if you’re desperate.  Really desperate.  If you pump it too many times, the valve/trigger can’t handle it and will not fire when you pull the trigger.  This happens periodically with me and Richard (my sniper-modded Airtech 2000.)