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The Den of Foam
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The Knife/Dagger
The Knife/Dagger is one of the most fun weapons to use in a nerf war (second of course, to popping someone in the side of the head with your sniper rifle...)  If you allow hand-to-hand combat in your wars, you've probably seen someone using (or have used yourself) an empty cardboard paper towel roll.  These are very disposable, one-time-use weapons.  This is a way to make one that is a bit more permanent.  Ok, it's very permanent.  It should last as long as any of your actual Nerf guns.
To start out, you need a paint stiring stick.  You can get them at Home Depot, OSH, ACE Hardware, etc., and they come with paint cans for free if you buy the paint.  However, you can buy them in singles.  There are two lengths of them, and either woks well.  The length of yours is entirely up to your discretion and preferences.  When you have one, take some of that foam backer rod that we all know and love as the mainstay for our homemade darts (use the diameter normally used to make micros).  Cut some strips of it equal to the length of the actual stirring portion of the stick (from the tip to where the width decreases just above the handle.)  Now, take some scissors, and trim off one side of the backer rod, so that there is a flat side and a round side.  Continue trimming on this flat side with your scissors until you have a piece of foam that starts as a half-circle (when you look at the end) and ends as a very small arch.  If you lay the flat side down on a table and look at the rod's full length from the side, it should be at a roughly even angle from one end to the other.  You will need two of these relatively identical pieces of foam.  Now, duct tape one of them to each side of the stirring stick, running straight down the center of the large flat sides of the stick.  The thicker end should be starting right below the thinner part of the stick below the handle.  Put some pieces of duct tape down the entire length of each side of the stick (excluding the handle and thin area) to hold them down.  When you're finished with this part, you should have a silver, tapering, padded blade for your Knife/Dagger.  Now, take two more pieces of backer rod and cut them each the length of the handle.  Now cut an angled piece off of each end of both pieces for a very short tapered end, and then use colored electrical tape to tightly tape them onto the handle.  The handle should end up curved in a smooth arc from top to bottom, with a very nice padded grip. I wrapped my handle with red electrician's tape, and it makes for a very nice effect contrasting the silver "blade" and the black duct-taped "handguard".  Now, take a piece of the foam backer rod that has not been tapered and wrap it around the stir stick at the thinner point once only.  Cut it to length and duct tape it in a ring around the stick just below your handle to make a nice little round "handguard" (as some call it) and tsuba/tsubo (as other know it from japanese weaponry, etc.)  Make sure your handle is long enough to have room for your hand between the end and the "handguard".
Warning:  Do not hit people with the thin edge of the "blade".  it is not padded in any way by the duct tape, and will hurt someone.  Use the flat, padded sides of the "blade" to hit opponents, as though it were a club or paddle.
These Knives/Daggers do not hurt if used correctly (unless you hit them really hard) and are a great joy to use.  They look cool, too!
I have also made an over-the back sheath for this dagger.  I may eventually explain how I did, but just really cut the compartment section off of an old backpack, leaving just the part that touches my back, ad the straps.  I then duct taped a cardboard rectangular tube that I had folded and taped together to fit the knife.  I can reach over my shoulder and draw or sheath the dagger with ease.