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The Den of Foam

Secret Shot Modifications

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The Secret Shot: Triple-Barreled
  - Screwdriver (phillips)
  - Electrical Tape
  - Electric Drill
  - Scissors
  - Hot Glue Gun
  - Small Hand Saw (I used a detached hacksaw blade)
  - Hand File
  - Secret Shot Blaster
Open up the pistol and save the screws.  Look at the configuration inside.  It's pretty simple. First, before we forget, pull out the plunger and stretch out the spring.  Now, setting the plunger aside, pull out the triangular orange thingy that has the front barrel and the handle barrel's tube plugged into it.  Cut off the tubing and pry any excess tubing out of the triangular thingy and the barrel on the other end.  Cut a piece out of the straightest part of the tubing a little longer than one of the two barrel rods.  Cut the stupid tip cover thingies off of the barrel ends, too.  They restrict the air.  Now, you'll notice that there's a place where a third barrel could connect, but it is plugged up.  Drill a hole here.  Slip your barrel-length piece of tubing into the sleeve where the tubing came out of before and hot glue it in place.  Hot glue the barrel that was in the handle precisely onto the hole you just drilled.  You now have a three-barrel assembly.  You just have to make room for it inside and with the barrel switcher.  Set your barrel assembly aside and pick up the half of the shell without the large space cut into it for the ammo holder to rotate in, and cut an identical slit in this side with the handsaw.  Now you should take the file and smooth out any rough edges as well as flatten out and irregularities from your cuts.  Hold the two empty halves together to confirm that the slits match up.  Now, Place the barrel assembly into the empty halves, and look at how it fits into the halves.  It won't.  File off as little as possible, but any parts inside to allow the assembly to fit back into its designated spot, in the same direction as origionally.  Don't worry about the front of the pistol being in the way while you file.  When you're finished filing away any excess plastic, bust out the handsaw again and cut off the first inch-and-a-half or so of the pistol.  (Make sure that the halves are empty when you do this.  You don't want to cut off your barrels.)  Now, place the barrel assembly back in its correct designated location, rotated in the right direction (the clear barrel should be on the bottom right of the triangle of barrels.)Put everything else back inScrew it all together and wrap electrical tape around the very end of the pistol to hold it together where there are no longer places for screws (you cut them off, remember..?)  You should have two leftover screws.  Now load all 3 barrels with a micro, cock it, and move the ammo holder to the left.  Fire.  Cock it and move the holder to the top.  Fire.  Cock it and move the holder to the right, into the cutout that you made in the side.  Fire again.  Voila.