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The Den of Foam

Lock 'n Load Modifications

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Lock 'n Load: Standard Overhaul
The Lock 'n Load is one of the best poistols ever.  No question.  If has excellent range, right out of the box.  However, as I've said before, there's always room for improvement.  This will eliminate the extra kick when you fire it, which diminishes accuracy, as well as making it lighter, and more compact (not to mention the better look..)
   - Screwdriver (phillips)
   - tape
   - Large key ring
   - one crayola barrel, piece of 17/32" Brass, or 1/2" CPVC (optional)
   - hot glue (if you have one of the above)
To begin, unscrew the halves of the top yellow cocking handle, and take it off.  You don't need it anymore.  Look at the side of the gun now.  It looks like a real pistol.  Cool, huh?  A huge difference in its looks and all you had to do was take off the cockubng handle!  My friends and I call a Lock 'n Load without the yellow cocking handle a Glock 'n Load due to its similarity to the old police issue "Glock" pistol.  If anybody cares...  Anyway, now you can unscrew the two halves of the main shell, and pull them apart.  take out the plunger and stretch the spring.  Hot glue your key ring into the notch in the plunger's back end where it used to connect to the cocking handle, and then tape over it to hold it secure.  This is your new handle for cocking it (make sure that you can easily and quickly, without looking, slip a finger into the ring.  If it's too small, it may slow down your reloading in a war.)  Now, if you don't plan to crayola barrel it,remove any extra parts by the front that you think will hinder the air, and then screw the two halves back together with it all back inside.  Do not replace the yellow cocking handle on top.  That's what the key ring is for.
If you do plan put in a new barrel, then remove all parts of the barrel assembly, and hot glue the crayola barrel's narrower end (the one the barrel doesn't fit in as well) or the Brass/CPVC to the end of the plunger casing, lined up as perfectly as possible with the hold that the plunger pushes air through.  Now wrap this hot glue-join with electrical tape (duct tape is too messy and clumsy for this sort of job).  Now replace the whole interior assembly, and screw the two halves together.  Again, do not replace the yellow cocking handle on the top of the pistol.  That's what the key ring is for.
If you want, put some rubber bands on the plunger and stretch them out to some place on the shell to add power to the shot.  This applies whether you re-barreled it or not.
Test it out!  If you did not re-barrel it, it will still fire megas, but the kick will be severely diminished if not eliminated, and it will be significantly lighter, with improved range.  If you did re-barrel it, then it now fires micros, with very little kick (the added weight at the front from the new barrel acts as a stabilizer, thus diminishing the kick when fired), significantly less weight (due to the lack of the yellow slider) with improved range.  Enjoy your "Glock 'n Load"!