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The Den of Foam

Sharpshooter II Modifications

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The Sharpshooter II: Shotgun-modified
The Sharpshooter II is a fairly well-built blaster right out of the box.  However, there is always room for improvement.  This is very true in the Sharpshooter II.  I'm sure that if you own one, you have at some point or another tried to get both barrels to fire at once.  This mod will show you how, while adding range to both barrels and causing their range to be the same instead of one flying farther than the other.  And, it is (unlike most mods) totally reversible.  If you don't like it, you can change it back.  Here's what you'll need:
   - Screwdriver
   - Electrical/Duct tape
To begin, unscrew the halves, and save all the screws (as always.)  You need to unscrew the two halves of the green switching handle first, and then you can pull apart the two main halves of the shell.  Once you have the pistol open, take out the plunger and stretch out the spring.  Put it back in its casing.  Now, pull the green switcher thingy off of the forked end of the plunger casing.  Remove the two barrels from the switcher, and set the switcher aside.  Using the tape, cover up any holes in the plunger casing and/or in the barrels.  Now, take the tape and securely wrap each barrel directly to the forked plunger casing, without the green switching thingy.  Do not wrap tape around them both as there needs to be a space in-between the barrels for a piece of plastic inside the shell to go.  Now, plug up the two barrels with your fingers and blow into the plunger casing to make sure that you have no leaks where you taped on the barrels.  Now, replace everything (except the green switching chamber; leave it out) and screw the two halves back together.  Do not screw the green handle back on, either, because it will not stay still and will slide/rattle around, making noise.  Put a mega in each barrel and cock it.  Fire.  They will both fire at once, and should be equally powerful (and more powerful, at that.
Another variation of this mod is only different in one way: before you tape the barrels on, hot glue a crayola barrel inside each of them, and then tape them on to the forked plunger casing.  This will cause them both to still fire at once, but not megas.  They will now shoot micros.
You can also crayola barrel the two barrels and stretch out the spring without removing the green switching chamber.  This will allow for two, individually-placed, higher-powered shots (the top barrel, once crayola-barreled, will not lack the range it did before) firing micros.  This is what I like to do to mine, if anybody cares...
Enjoy your newly powered-up Sharpshooter II!