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The Den of Foam

Crossbow Modifications

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The Crossbow: Standard Range Modifications
The Crossbow is one of the most easily modifiable guns on the market, and surpasses all others in the variety of different mods that you can pull off on this puppy.  The first is essential, and can be performed in a variety of different ways.  This version of this popular mod is the simplest, and most basic.
  - Screwdriver (phillips)
  - Electrical Tape (black preferably)
  - Scissors
  - Handsaw/Dremel
Remove the stupid bow thingy (cut it, break it, remove it gently, I don't care; you don't need it ever again.)  Unscrew the two halves, and remember where everything is. Pull out the plunger/barrel assembly.  Pull the long yellow tube off the barrel and set the tubing aside.  Wrap the barrel with electrical tape (one layer only) to plug up those holes in the side of it.  Pull the long skinny spring out of the yellow tube.  Cut the bend off one end of the yellow tube, and slip this new straight part of the tubing over the end of the plunger casing.  Now hold the barrel over the yellow tube, and cut the tubing so that the barrel can be attached directly in front of the plunger casing.  Push the barrel into the tubing now.  Stretch out the spring and lube the inside of the plunger casing, if desired.  Replace the plunger mechanism.  Take your handsaw or dremel and make an opening in both halves on the front edge of the stock where the bow used to be attached.  Cut out as little as possible.  It shouldn't take much, and I even managed to do it and keep the sleeve for the screw up there intact, so the screw is still able to be installed to hold the shell together.  Put it all back togetherYou're done.  If you didn't wrap too much electrical tape around the barrel, you should still be able to shoot arrows, and of course megas as well.  I highly reccomend looping rubber bands in the plunger.  There is a slot just under your barrel where the bow part used to slide in that you can slip your bands or bungees into.  The rubebr bands help the range a lot.  Enjoy!