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The Den of Foam
January 17, 2005
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This is a nice view of our war location - an abandoned paintball park.  I took this one on the way in.

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This was a good war.  Seven guys came out for this one, so we had a decent group.  It was no December 18th, but it was a good war.  A lot of the day was taken up by guys and their H2H stuff.  Several of the guys got a little too into making their swords, and so they were using them for most of the day.  Thus, we only had three or so actual rounds, and then about a billion duels and such, but it was a good day.
Some of the highlights includd watching Apollo take on Speed and Trojan in a duel.  He was nuts.  He was swinging all over the place (there's a pic below of him with Speed during this) with the two swords he used for this one.
Alongside this, Nightwing and I had our typical knife fight again, though it was nothing like the one we got a video of at the last war.  That was fun.
The most fun (for me, anyway) was taking on four guys with swords with my bare hands.  Pictures below.
It was a good day, we got some good photos in, and we obtained our newest member.  His Nickname is unknown as of right now, but he was the "guest" at the last war, and is now an official member.  Welcome to the Knights!
It was, all in all, a good day.  Next war, we're gonna take a break from H2H and just concentrate on what's really important.  You all better be ther (yes, Pyro and Chronic, that means you, too.  slackers...  Just kidding...
Great war guys!  Be there in late February!  Dates will be released soon!

Apollo (background) and Sputnik (foreground) facing off during a Spring Pistols round

Nightwing (left) and Speed (right) starging at each other for no reason during a spring pistol round

Apollo (toting his new Supermaxx 1500) and our newest member plotting at the start of the day

May the pwnage Begin


Double pwnage! Do I hear three? Anybody...

Yes, I do! I hear triple pwnage!

Awesome shot of Apollo (foreground) and Sputnik (background) facing off during a spring pistol round

Sputnik tried to jack my sandwich during lunch break, so......................................owned.