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The Den of Foam
Secret Shot 2 - Single-barreled
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   - Small Screwdriver (Phillips)

   - Hot Glue (and gun)

   - Handsaw

   - Crayola Barrel

   - 1/2” PVC

   - Electrical tape

   - Secret Shot 2


The Method:


To begin, unscrew the two halves of your Secret shot 2 and save all the screws.  Remove the extra barrel completely; mine was removed already when I did the mod.  Now, take the pump out of the pump casing, and plug up the overpressure release valve with your hot glue gun (for those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s the hole in the end of the plunger opposite the end with the handle.  It lets air out when the pressure gets “too high”, so we plug it up to get more pressure.  More pressure equals more range and power.)


Now, take your wire cutters/scissors, whatever and cut the long plastic arm that reaches over the air tank.  It is there to engage the “secret barrel”, so it is not needed.  Cut it off just above where it attaches to the large plastic rectangle that goes over the valve (leave the whole rectangle intact.)


Unscrew the screw holding the whole valve/air tank assembly in place, and save the screw.  Now, taking your saw, look at the red plastic coming out the front end of the air tank.  Cut just past where it gets a bit bigger; a little under 1/8” past.  Toss what you just cut off, and get any excess junk out of the tube coming from the air tank.  Be careful getting stuff out of it, though.  The valve is just behind it.


Now, apply some hot glue to the outside of the narrower end of your crayola barrel, and shove it into the piece coming from the air tank.  It should fit quite well.  Allow that to dry, and then wrap about two thin layers of electrical tape around the join, as well as around the whole crayola barrel.  This will allow your barrel to come on and off, but hold itself on without your hand.  Instead of doing this, you can also glue a small section of a 1/2" PVC coupler over the Crayola barrel, as I did, and as is shown in the pictures.


Now, you will notice, the black ammo holders in both halves of the shell rattle around a lot.  That could give someone away as they move in a war.  Put some hot glue on them to hold them still, thus silencing the gun while you’re moving.  This is very helpful, and I would highly recommend taking the time to do this.


Now, take another look at the shell.  The second plastic support (going from left to right, the second one back from the end where the barrel will be) will be in the way of your PVC barrel, so you should cut it down quite a bit.  Don’t worry; you don’t need the support, because the barrel that did need it is no longer there.


Cut your Barrel as long as you like, out of your 1/2" PVC.  Mine is about five to six inches long.  I’ve seen longer ones on some people’s, such as the typical 10-14” long barrels on Single-barreled Airtech 2000’s, but It’s a pistol, and pistols should be very mobile.  Sure, it may increase the accuracy, but its accuracy is fine with six or seven inches, and it is far more mobile.  It’s up to you.


Anyway, once you have your barrel cut, slip it over your thinly tape-wrapped crayola barrel and see how tight or loose of a fit it is.  It should be snug, but fairly easy to slip on and off.  You should be able to run without the PVC coming off, but should be able to pull it off at a moment’s notice to reload.  Add or remove tape as needed on the crayola barrel until you get the proper fit.  Now, put all the inner workings back into the shell, not including the PVC barrel, and put in the screw that holds the slider on the trigger mechanism.  Now, put the other shell half on top, as though to reassemble it all.  Just don’t actually do it yet.  First, while holding the shell closed with one hand, slide the PVC barrel onto the crayola barrel inside, making sure that the support you cut out of the way is, in fact, out of the way.  If there is still some plastic hampering the movement of the PVC, go ahead, open up the shell, and remove it.  Then try again.  This is to eliminate the possibility of you having to unscrew the whole gun again, or multiple times.


Once the PVC can more freely in and out of the shell, and will stay on the Crayola barrel until removed, you are all set to reassemble.


Screw the whole thing back together, and then load a micro Stefan into the crayola barrel.  Now, slide the PVC barrel over the crayola barrel inside the Secret Shot 2, and pump it about 6-10 times (mine uses 6-8, yours may differ.)  Shake it up and down, swinging the barrel end around like a sword, checking to make sure that the barrel is going to stay in.  Point it, and fire.  I think you’ll like the results.