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The Den of Foam
Winter Break - 12/18/2004
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From Left: Nightwing, Pyro, Falcon, Speed, Trojan
Not Pictured: Sputnik, Apollo, guest (not present at time of photo)

At the beginning of the day, we took a group photo.  Sputnik, Apollo, and a guest that Apollo was bringing to compensate for Chronic's abscence were not present at the time.  After the photo, the five of us who were there started the short hike up into the hills to the nerfpark.  When we arrived, after a short detour caused by carelessness and a wrong turn, we simply blazed our own short trail down the side of the hill to the Nerfpark.  When we arrived, we saw Sputnik arriving from the correct direction.  We headed to the center, and began organizing our debris.  We were about to start a 3 on 3 team battle to get warmed up, when Apollo shouted from the hill.  We looked up, and there he was with his guest.  We waited for them, and then split the teams four and four.
That opening round was a great warmup, and I was very impressed by our guest.  In this first round, I got in two kills, one on Trojan, and one on Sputnik.  Then it was down to Myself, Pyro, Nightwing, and Speed versus Apollo and guest.  Then Nightwing and Pyro got taken out (I'll find out by whom, as I did not see, and then give credit)  It was just myself and Speed, versus Apollo and guest now.  Speed and Apollo were at a standoff, but then Apollo fired and missed.  Speed, being the cross-country nut that he is, chased Apollo all over the playing field, in and out of bushes and trees.  As he passed by one in particular, I got what I was waiting for.  Guest popped out and took up chase on Speed.  I had lost track of him, and now I knew where he was again.
Speed ended up hitting Apollo, and almost immediately after was taken out by guest.  I was delighted.  All sarcasm intended.  That's one of my bigger problems I need to work on.  I've never really been too good at one on one duels after both teams save one from each are dead.  I made some mistakes, and such, and he ended up taking me out.  I look forward to having him join us again.  Not too shabby for a new guy with a borrowed Modded Nite Finder and a borrowed Hornet with stock barrels still on, restrictors drilled.  Most impressive indeed.
We then played a round of capture the flag.  It was at this point that I zipped off the pants parts of my pants, making them shorts.  I had forgot to bring some rags for flags, so I zipped off my pants bottoms and we used those.  I made another mistake in this round.  I put Speed on the other team.  Did I mention he's on the Cross-Country team at our high school?  He ran in in the first two minutes of the game, and ran all the back way across the field with the flag.  Our flag.  We didn't play another game of CTF that day.
Soon after, Nightwing decided to make a run to the convenience store to get some drinks, so we sent him with some money.  A little later, Apollo, guest, and Sputnik went after him to help.  When they all finally got back, they were carrying eight two-liter bottles of soda.  Orange slice - Drink of champions.  Well, okay there were a few others too, but that's okay.  Anyway, we sat and ate our lunches, and then Apollo and guest said that they had to go.
Once they had left, it was back down to six.  However, Nightwing thought he was gonna try to be all hardcore and Macho, so he said he wanted to go alone for a round.  We were fine with that.  The teams ended beign split three ways.  It was Nightwing versus Myself and Pyro versus Sputnik, Speed, and Trojan.  Speed got taken out pretty early on, and so he ran down the hill to the playground (where all of the photos seen on this page were taken at the end of the day) so he coupl take a crap.  Soon after, Nightwing hit Sputnikl Square in the face with a Titan missile from a good four feet away.  Knocked the poor kid clean over.  We all stopped fighting for a moment or two to catch our breath, as we just could not stop laughing.  Finally, we continued play, and shortly after I scored another clean hit on Trojan, though this one was from only maybe eighteen yards, rather than the good twenty-eight to thirty yard hit I scored on him in the first round.  It was just Nightwing on myself and Pyro now.  I'm still not sure how it happened, but I was reloading, and Nightwing was in the open.  I was on the exposed side of a bush, facing towards him (so I had no real cover) and Pyro charged towards him.  He told me later he did it to distract Nightwing from me, and has been holding it over my head for a week.  Nightwing took him out in his charge, and he's never going to let me forget how he "sacrificed himself to safe me".  Anyway, I then started backing up slowly, to start to get away from Nightwing while still reloading, but not in time, and I couldn't dodge in time, either.  So Nightwing took on a team of two and a team of three, got three kills, and came out on top.
After that round, Sputnik had to leave as well, so we were back down to the original five who were there in time for the group photo that morning.  We packed up our stuff and headed back down to the playground, and I called my sister on the way, asking her to come early and bring her camera, which explains why the only action photos we have here are in the park, not up in the hills.  The park is nested right at the bottom of the hills, but it's fairly small.  There are several park benches and tables, along with some trees, and some open grassy area.  The hills come up right at the back of the hill, and there is a tree line there.  The amience is disturbed only by a junglegym to the far right, and a blackhouse (restrooms) to the left.  We would have uswed the junglegym too, but there were little kids over there, so we had to stay very confined.
Anyway, we just started a free-for-all with unlimited lives, so my sister could get some action shots for the article you are reading now.  We got some pretty cool-looking style kills in, but she didn't get most of them.  By this time, we were running really low on darts, as we had lost most of those we brought with us.  Nightwing started to resort completely to his Hand to Hand combat.  Shortly after, I ran out of all my darts, and Nightwing was loking like he wanted to attack me.  I set my Crossbow down on one of the picnic tables, and pulled my Nite Finder out of its holster, setting it beside the Crossbow.  I walked to my duffel, and pulled out my stirring-stick dagger.  What followed was an intense knife duel, hilighted by several hits on nightwing (leg, head, upper arm, other upper arm, etc.) and one on my hand.  It was also puntuated by two attempts at interfering by Speed, who first jumped off one of the large buried tires at me, and sort of hit by shoulder.  Then he ran at me again, and I parried Nightwing, hit his upper arm, and came around to smack across Speeds back.  He didn't do it again.  The best part about the knife fight was to see afterward how our styles differed.  Nightwing was very tense and aggressive, while I was more relaxed and fluid.  Also, he tended to attack with overhead axe-swings, partially because his dagger was a complete cylinder of foam.  My attacks were almost like swatting back and forth like with a ping-pong paddle or a flyswatter.  My sister got a video clip of the entire knife fight, which I will try to have up here so you can see it very soon.  It is really cool.
We had a great time that day, and we learned a lot more about how each other likes to work.  By our next war (sometime in January, 2005) most all of us will have finished customizing our primaries (so far only Sputnik, Pyro, Nightwing, Chronic, and myself have finished) and then we can really begin to work how we should.
Great war guys!  I look forward to seeing you in January!

Speed and Nightwing going hand to hand on Trojan while Pyro calmly reloads

Nightwing takes aim at Falcon over a tire

Falcon takes aim at Trojan over the same tire; speed stands around in the background

Speed and Trojan face off with Nightwing and Pyro

Pyro and Nightwing Plot against Speed and Trojan

Falcon Reloading his Nite Finder, before re-holstering it

Sorry about the quality of these next two, but they're just screenshots from the video clip recorded of my Hand to Hand duel with Nightwing.  I don't have enough space on my account here with tripod (as of right now) to fit the whole video, as it is approx. 20.5 MB, and my total space for the site, its a whopping 20 MB.  Subtract from the 20 MB all of my pictures, and we're seriously lacking.  I'll buy some more space soon, but until then, these low-res pics will just have to do.  Soon, before I buy more site space, I'll get the video hosted somewhere free, and then I'll put up a link to it.  If you know of a free video host that will allow a file size of ~20.5 MB, please tell me in my guestbook!

Nightwing and Falcon Face-off

Falcon and Nightwing still going at it